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Hello beautiful Soul!  Welcome to Connecting Soul Beings® Circle!

Do you want to trust and feel confident in connecting with your true self, your intuition, your pets and your spirit team? Then you're in the right place!

Our beautiful community of heart-centered pet parents are ready to confidently and intuitively connect with higher self, their spirit guides and their animal friends, so as to live from a place of self-love, with harmony and joy. We are so excited to have you here!

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Enjoy and say HI to your pet from me!

Stay connected, with love and grace,

Available Programs

Soul Alignment Mastery™

THE SOUL ALIGNMENT MASTERY™ Program specifically helps you, the loving pet parent, to gain clarity, trust, and confidence in connecting to your inner self and your pets so you experience love, joy and harmony together.

This is a twelve-week program, where the focus is completely on YOU! We work together through weekly one-to-one and group sessions, with supporting learning material right here in this program.

Animal Soul Connection™ course

ANIMAL SOUL CONNECTION™ is an animal communication course that specifically helps you, , as a heart-centered pet parent, to gain clarity, trust, and confidence in connecting deeply with your pets by using telepathy and your intuitive skills.

This is a course you work on, in your own time, over a 12-month period, with support from your community. The focus is completely on YOU and your pets as you learn the practical steps to animal communication! 

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