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Animal Soul Connection™ course


Why does your friend’s cat keep behaving like that? What is that bird sitting on your balcony each day trying to say? Why is your dog staring at you for hours?

You love your pet so much.

They look at you with those beautiful big puppy eyes and you wonder if they are ok.

You look forward to a long, happy life together. A life where you have respect, compassion and understanding for each other. To have a relationship where you know exactly what your pet is thinking, feeling and experiencing.

It is a priority for you to be able to understand your pet, so that you have confidence to know you are doing the right thing by them.

There is a way of communicating with animals so you can find out. It’s not as difficult as you might think!


Here are some benefits in having a deeper connection with your pet:

  • Heightened Intuition and Telepathy so that you can receive anything your pet
    is communicating with you
  • Clarity, Trust and Confidence in the connection you have with your pet
  • Understand each other deeply to support each other through lives' experience
  • Unconditional Love with grace, joy and compassion.

Imagine the conversations you can have?


THE ANIMAL SOUL CONNECTION™ course helps you to gain clarity, trust, and confidence in connecting with your pet and other animals, using telepathy and your intuitive abilities.

This is a self-paced program, so you work in your own time, with weekly released modules and access for 12 months.

Once you finish your course, you will be able to communicate with your pets, and other animals, whether this is for your personal life, or your business.

What can you expect from the course?

Great question! ALL the benefits you see above AND:

  • Learning, practice, and fun in your own time (YAY!)
  • Twelve months access to all the course material
  • Support from Bianca and her team
  • Hands-on practice with lots of different animals; yes you will do work!
  • Embrace the six practical steps to animal communication
  • Discover your individual intuitive skills
  • Clarity and validation about information received directly from animals
  • Work together with other participants and practise with their pets in a VIP Facebook Group.
  • Gain trust and confidence in your communication with animals
  • As this is an online experience, you can bring your pet and practise together!
  • All your resources including a workbook and other learning material via this online portal
  • Certificate of Completion ‘Animal Soul Connection™’ as soon as you have completed the course.
  • BONUS ONE - Digital copy of the book Hello? Can you hear me?
  • BONUS TWO - Monthly Animal Soul Connection Mastermind meetings through to November 2022

Come and join us today for only $555!  ENROL NOW

Are you still on the fence? Perfect place to be! Let’s get clarity for you through this free Alignment Clarity Call right here: https://biancadereus.as.me/alignmentclaritycall

What others have experienced on the program:

11 Modules

The Foundations: Your Course Guide, the Four Pillars, and your Soul Connection Journey

This module takes you through the Animal Soul Connection™ course, visualised by models, access to your program guide.

The Animal Soul Connection™ Tribe - Your Community Online

The Animal Soul Connection™ Tribe is a private, members-only group for those who are part of the Animal Soul Connection™ Course and the Soul Alignment Mastery™ Program.

Bookings and Group Events

In this module you have access to session bookings and any events that are organised, that form part of the Animal Soul Connection™ course or the Connecting Soul Beings® Community.

Sessions, programs and events may be offered for free or at reduced prices.

BONUS Masterclass: Your Pet Is Your Mirror

Do you observe your pet and identify any persistent behaviours that irritate you? Well pay attention; your pet is telling you something.

Modules for this program 11

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